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December 15-17

TVMCon will cover the state of the art of deep learning compilation and optimization, with a range of tutorials, research talks, case studies, and industry presentations. We’ll discuss recent advances in frameworks, compilers, systems and architecture support, security, training and hardware acceleration.

This is a free and virtual event supporting the Open Source TVM Community.



Apache TVM is an open source deep learning compiler that enables access to high-performance machine learning anywhere for everyone. TVM’s diverse community of hardware vendors, compiler engineers and ML researchers work together to build a unified, programmable software stack that enriches the entire ML technology ecosystem and makes it accessible to the wider ML community. TVM empowers users to leverage community-driven ML-based optimizations to push the limits and amplify the reach of their research and development, which in turn raises the collective performance of all ML while driving its costs down.



This conference is an engaging and enriching few days meant to uncover narratives that make us better. Meet the speakers who will guide us.

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Join us for an opportunity to participate in fresh ideation and learn from some of the brightest minds in the field of machine learning.

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